CHARLA, Collective Health Advocacy for Rooted Latinas/os & Africans is a grassroots organizing and political leadership for advocacy program that focuses Social Determinanats of Healh (SDH) especially on issues of Health Equity and Economic Justice of Latino and African communities of Oregon. CHARLA premises are that each community member are the best advocate of his or her and their own community needs, and who are the leaders and decision makers about actions and campaigns they want to create and develop a network of support. This process known as critical consciousness development enhances individual’s advocacy ability and assures knwoledge and power sharing.

CHARLA main goals: a) to inform and engage all Oregonian Latino/a and African to advocate for their health needs not only for health insurance coverage, but for a quality and equally health care that respects their own ways of illness treatment, medicines, differnces of race and ethnicities; and b) to advocate for a Collective Health Care where members of those communities can participate of its creation, forms of treatment, quality of services offered, as as well costs involved.

CHARLA first phase was created in 2009 to begin the grassroots organizing advocacy for the Oregon Health Reform with a grant by Northwest Health Foundation and technical assistance by Oregon Health Action Campaign. In 2010 the program evolved to the currently structure to assure that Latino and African Communities could work together, especially rural workers, youth, and women. It has been generously supported by Northwest Health Foundation and Office of Multicultural Health and Services, Portland.


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